Date: 25 Aug 2015

Rimi – The Unveiling + Crossing Over

Indian-American artist, Rimi, whose two records Unveiling and Crossing Over have dominated Indian music charts, is crafting a unique sound and hypnotic live experience that fuses ancient ideas with modern pop. With her single Maahiya receiving bestseller status in India, Rimi has headlined a variety of conferences and festivals on multiple continents. The humble Rimi is an innovator and a risk taker, placing primarily Hindi lyrics alongside a few English ones to help establish her totally unique mixture of old and new. Experience Rimi and her sound today.

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Date: 15 Aug 2015

Review: Rimi Basu, The Unveiling’ EP, Crossing Over EP

Indian-American artist Rimi Basu has dominated the Indian music charts since the release of her two EP’s The Unveiling and Crossing Over earlier this year, and it’s no wonder why. Both offerings are majestically rich with a variety of exotic instruments that you expect to hear from the complex styles in Indian music or in Indian Band, complimented by striking rhythmic effects that flaunt Rimi’s unabashed relationship with her roots and the western world in which she was raised.

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Date: 14 Aug 2015

Music Review: The Unveiling and Crossing Over from Rimi Basu

Rimi Basu is an Indian-American musician whose music is a hypnotic blend of both Bollywood and Western pop / electro. Today I have her two latest EPs to review – “The Unveiling” and “Crossing Over”, each with a distinctly different sound and unique stories to tell. Both of these albums have dominated the Indian music charts, so it’s wonderful to be able to bring this music to the Whim blog today!

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Date: 12 Aug 2015

MUSIC - Singer Rimi Basu

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Rimi brings her unique genre of pop with an Indian flavor to the American music scene. Her music, the product of a unique and versatile combination of Eastern and Western upbringing, gives richness to her personality and performances.

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Date: 06 Aug 2015

Track Review: Rimi’s Nesha Nesha

Rimi Basu is attempting a very difficult endeavor by trying to marry traditional Indian music with Western jazz, indie and even electronic/rave style. She’s released two EPs in sequence, The Unveiling and Crossing Over. The Unveiling, released in March, was meant to introduce Rimi’s unique brand of east/west fusion to the pop worlds on both sides of the Pacific. Crossing Over released just last month and shows a more complete fusion of the two styles with songs like the EP’s lead track, “Nesha Nesha.”

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Date: 03 Aug 2015

Rimi Basu – Going Global

Singer Rimi Basu fuses a uniquely now era jazzy pop with the classic sound of her native India to deliver chart successful hit albums. Having topped the music charts in India not once but twice, Rimi’s first two projects – this year’s “ The Unveiling” and her debut “Crossing Over” – received both critical and popular praise. Now based in the nation’s capital, the accomplished young artist is attempting the always difficult transition from regional starlet to global star.

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Date: 31 Jul 2015

Rimi Attempts an Unveiling of Her Crossing Over Double EP

he marriage of traditional Indian music with modern, Western-style music has long been an elusive goal for both pop and indie artists. The 1960s was the heyday of this experimentation with Eastern forms of music, as artists like the Beatles traveled to the east and became enamored with the different sounds and spirituality of instruments like the sitar as well as the unique and complicated compositional structure of Indian traditional music. Some Indian artists, like Ravi Shankar, became popular in the West because of this wave, but that was less Indian/Western fusion than slightly pared-down Indian music.

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Date: 29 Jul 2015

New Artist Reviews : Rimi

India has an ancient and rich musical history that has found its way into many corners of our planet’s culture. From Lata Mangeshkar to Ravi Shankar, Indian music has become imbedded deep within the spirit of musical history. Being one of the biggest and most popular film industries in the world, Bollywood is not only known for its film aesthetics, but also for its signature music. Indian-American recording artist, Rimi, has found a balance between ancient Indian ideals and modern pop music.

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Date: 19 Jul 2015

Rimi - Womanhood

Discovering Rimi has been a world wind of cultural excitement. Never before have I heard such an infusion of ethic Bollywood sound and pop culture. Rimi is a woman who creates a musical realm from her cultural background and modern influences of new sound. As an American-Inadian, Rimi has been crafting her own musical vision not only in her own country but around the globe. Before pursuing music, Rimi was on the traditional path of studying medicine, but the dream of music overtook her studies and she followed her true desires to create sound. From a young age, Rimi practiced Indian classical music and belly dancing, Her parents being Indian-immigrants provided her with the influences from her heritage, however by growing up in America, Rimi's influences widened to hip hop, R&B, and pop.

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Date: 17 Jul 2015

Rimi Reaches for a New Market

It’s always a challenge for foreign based artists to break into another market, especially one that’s already so saturated with homegrown artists. But Indian-American artist Rimi, who has already experienced success back home on Indian music charts and headlined multiple conferences and festivals around the world, is willing to bet on herself. Unafraid to blend Hindi and English lyrics, along with a soundscape that is can be considered both nostalgic and an amalgam of two cultures, Rimi comes to us with re-releases of her first two albums: The Unveiling and Crossing Over.

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Date: 16 Jul 2015

Rimi - The Unveiling

Crossover queen Rimi Basu has dominated Indian music charts with her hypnotic blend of Bollywood and modern pop. Having toured the world with a plethora of awards under her belt, Rimi’s decision to drop out of medical school in pursuit of a music career has - to say the least - paid off in spades.

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Date: 13 Jul 2015

Review: The Unveiling – Rimi Basu

Indian-American artist Rimi Basu’s EP, The Unveiling is melding of two distinct cultures: the old-world sound of India mixed with American Pop sensibilities and soundscapes. You’d be wrong for thinking that The Unveiling is a novel project. It’s not simply a mash-up of East vs. West. This is an an artist who has been immersed in both cultures and is attempting to bring both together through music.

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Date: 10 Jul 2015

Fall Under Rimi’s Mystifying Spell [Stream]

Aside from her strikingly ethereal voice, Rimi has a unique backstory that led her to become a world-touring songstress. She trained in classical Indian music and dance, mixing what she learned with hip-hop and R&B influences from America. Rimi dropped out of a prestigious medical school program and defied all standards to bring us her hypnotizing music—and we’re pretty damn happy she did! Her single “Habibi” off her EP, Unveiling, is a fantastic example of her Indian-American fusion—it’ll captivate you from the start. If her vocals don’t totally steal your heart, then her belly dancing sure will!

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Date: 08 Jul 2015

Ex-Medical Student turned Indian Pop Singer- RIMI

Rimi was the daughter of immigrants who became bureaucrats of Washington, and because of this, Rimi grew up learning at an Indian Language School in which Rimi’s father had founded in Washington where she learned Indian music and dance, while the other side to her learning of music resided with the American culture of hip-hop, pop, R&B, as she had friends of many different cultures from white to Asian to black.

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Date: 29 Jun 2015

Rimi Basu: The Unveiling

Music is something a lot of people take very seriously – sometimes too seriously. When in reality all music is the same thing set to a different beat. It’s really all about how you like your tales of love, loss and life to sound. Some want to forever dance, others want to thrash with metal and then there are those who keep it classic with the opera.

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Date: 27 Jun 2015

Review of Rimi's The Unveiling

Most med schoolers have already achieved ‘made it’ status, armed with the knowledge that, after they work their asses off for a few years, they’ll have a fulfilling, lucrative career ahead of them. Not so many drop out to pursue music full-time—thus is the case of Rimi Basu.

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Date: 10 May 2015

Rimi Basu Dominates India and USA

Rimi Basu (or just ‘Rimi’ to fans) isn’t like anyone you’ve ever encountered. An ex-medical school student, she traded medicine for music when she dropped out of medical school, moved to India, and promptly dominated the Indian music charts; utterly defying both Indian and American societal expectations all at once.

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