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Date: 25 Aug 2015

Rimi – The Unveiling + Crossing Over

Indian-American artist, Rimi, whose two records Unveiling and Crossing Over have dominated Indian music charts, is crafting a unique sound and hypnotic live experience that fuses ancient ideas with modern pop. With her single Maahiya receiving bestseller status in India, Rimi has headlined a variety of conferences and festivals on multiple continents. The humble Rimi is an innovator and a risk taker, placing primarily Hindi lyrics alongside a few English ones to help establish her totally unique mixture of old and new. Experience Rimi and her sound today.

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Date: 15 Aug 2015

Review: Rimi Basu, The Unveiling’ EP, Crossing Over EP

Indian-American artist Rimi Basu has dominated the Indian music charts since the release of her two EP’s The Unveiling and Crossing Over earlier this year, and it’s no wonder why. Both offerings are majestically rich with a variety of exotic instruments that you expect to hear from the complex styles in Indian music, complimented by striking rhythmic effects that flaunt Rimi’s unabashed relationship with her roots and the western world in which she was raised.

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Date: 14 Aug 2015

Music Review: The Unveiling and Crossing Over from Rimi Basu

Rimi Basu is an Indian-American musician whose music is a hypnotic blend of both Bollywood and Western pop / electro. Today I have her two latest EPs to review – “The Unveiling” and “Crossing Over”, each with a distinctly different sound and unique stories to tell. Both of these albums have dominated the Indian music charts, so it’s wonderful to be able to bring this music to the Whim blog today!

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Date: 12 Aug 2015

MUSIC - Singer Rimi Basu

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Rimi brings her unique genre of pop with an Indian flavor to the American music scene. Her music, the product of a unique and versatile combination of Eastern and Western upbringing, gives richness to her personality and performances.

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About Rimi Basu


Location : Los Angeles, CA
Styles : World music, Pop, Indian pop, Bollywood
Similar to : Shakira, Sunidhi Chauhan, Azam Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Norah Jones

Rimi Basu, an Indian-American pop singer, represents a unique and versatile addition to the music industry. An ex-medical school student who dropped out of her prestigious program and defied Indian-American societal expectations to run away to India and become a musician, she has since completed two music albums and toured around the world, performing and creating music. Trained in Indian classical music and dance from a young age, as well as an accomplished belly dancer, her unique selling proposition is the combination of both music and dance in her live performances.

While in India, she trained with renowned musicians and pundits of Indian music, including Ajoy Chakrobarty in Kolkata, India at his school, Srutinandan. However, her love affair with Indian music started from a young age, as she was trained in Indian classical music and dance and had a deep affinity for the Indian arts and entertainment. The daughter of Indian Immigrants-turned Washington bureaucrats from Calcutta (Kolkata, as it is known in their homeland), she grew up negotiating multiple selves: One who attended an Indian Language School that her father founded in Washington DC and actively learned Indian classical music and dance, and another, who avidly listened to hip hop, R&B, and American pop with her Black, Asian, Latin, and White peers. These influences culminate in her music, which reflects her own multi-faceted upbringing and identity. Basu produced two albums in India, The Unveiling (2006) and Crossing Over (2009), which received acclaim and a high demand for performances in India. Her hit song and music video "Maahiya" topped Indian music charts in the Indian pop category and received Bestseller status. Thereafter, she performed across India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States at various venues large and small for appreciative audiences.

Rimi has now found herself back in the United States to propagate her unique brand of Indian fusion through forming a world music and dance collective called Kriya. Her goal has been and will continue to be increasing appreciation for Indian music and culture through unique and experimental fusion with Western styles. Rimi is well-equipped to be the USA’s first Bollywood pop diva. A talented and dynamic singer and dancer of various styles, ranging from Indian classical to R&B and pop, her unique brand of cultural fusion engages and intrigues a broad range of listeners. Her trademark style of blending Indian and belly dance with vocals in her performances has kept audiences in awe worldwide. She is also quite possibly one of the most adventurous Indian-Americans raised in the USA.


Shakti Academy and Collective

Shakti Arts is a unique community and nonprofit dedicated to training individuals in expressing themselves in constructive ways through a variety of modalities, including dance, voice, yoga, and authentic communication classes. Shakti represents the feminine force which gives birth to the diversity of the world – it is in this diversity we see that all is one. And it is through connection with one another and with ourselves that we discover the binding force between all that is seemingly “different.” Shakti celebrates expression of diversity and strives to bring the Eastern values of community and non-duality to the West. Shakti recognizes that every body and mind is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to self-expression. Our goal is to empower all students with their natural potential for creative expression and encourage innovative approaches to traditional styles.

Among Shakti’s offerings are group and private classes in:
- Trademark Indian Classical Dance Yoga
- Vocal yoga
- Indian Music/Ragas
- Authentic Communication Group and Private Sessions
- Kinesthetic Awareness
- Belly Dance and Freeing the Body

About the Teacher :
Rimi has trained in Indian classical dance as well as music for 16 years under various teachers, including Dr. Chitra Krishnamurti in Washington DC and Ajay Chakroborty in India. After completing her Ranga Pravesh graduate dance certification from Nrityalaya in 2002, she has performed at numerous venues around the world, fusing her love for Indian classical dance with her own modern style and creative touch, and often infusing live singing of shlokas into her dance performance. To this end she has developed trademark multidisciplinary styles for her classes, fusing Indian classical dance with yoga and the voice. She has performed and given workshops around the world in India, Singapore, France, and the United States.

Her goal is to keep world cultures and languages, particular South Asian and Middle Eastern, alive through fusing with modern forms of dance and music to keep them fresh and relevant for the contemporary world. To that end, she has worked with numerous artists and companies to expand the scope of her work and offer new and innovative presentations of ancient dance and music forms

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