A musician, dancer, and visionary across genres including Jazz, R&B, Indian classical, Bengali, Middle Eastern, Bollywood, and more, Rimi uniquely fuses her different styles to create new ways to present traditional art forms. Her music represents phases throughout her journey as a transnational artist in India and experimentally incorporates both her Eastern roots and her Western upbringing.

The Unveiling

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Live Entertainment From a Female Indian Pop Singer

Rimi Basu is an Indian music artist who uniquely blends American and Indian cultural styles to bring her audiences a thoroughly memorable experience. As a trained belly dancer who performs and teaches belly dancing classes and workshops, you can look forward to a complete entertainment package.

Using Fusion to Showcase Bollywood Styles for Western Audiences

Rimi Basu has the impressive distinction of being a female Indian pop singer who performs professionally throughout the United States. She is one of the few who have been able to successfully navigate the entertainment career path, and constantly uses her influence to introduce Western audiences to the styles and songs of Bollywood, including tunes that are well-known to Indian music lovers. Rimi Basu is originally from Washington D.C. and plays events around the nation and globe, most recently in places like San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

An Indian Music Star with a Rich Repertoire

Having already produced two albums in India, Rimi Basu has an extensive catalog of originals and cover material. Currently, she's collaborating with producers and deejays to work on an album that may position her as the first Bollywood electronic pop star in the United States.

Her engaging performances span from traditional ghazals and evergreen classics to new pop songs. Book her for your event and appreciate how she smoothly combines influences from her Eastern roots and Western upbringing.

A Versatile and Talented Choice

Whether you need entertainment for a wedding in Washington, D.C., a corporate function in New York, or a 40th birthday party in Los Angeles, Rimi Basu is sure to delight your audiences. Perhaps you have been looking solely at live jazz bands for hire, but want something a little different with an international twist. Rimi Basu's collective is capable of thrilling your audiences and making your event a success.